Announcement requesting cooperation from ship and cargo owner of MT Pacific Ocean and an unknown ship detained by VCG on 11/4/2018

21/04/2018 06:10:00 AM

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MT Pacific Ocean ship detained by VCG on 11/4/20188.

On 11/4/2018, while patroling in Vietnam’s Gulf of Tolkin, the Vietnam Coast Guard (VCG) arrested MT Pacific Ocean (Singaporean Flag Oil Tanker) for its illegal transfer of DO to an allegedly Chinese vessel (no flag, no name, 03 Chinese crew on board).

At the time of the incident, ship masters of the two ships couldn’t provide VCG with any documtnent/ paper regarding the origin and transportation of the cargo (DO) on board. Until today (21/4/2018), ship owners and cargo owners haven’t contacted VCG for these documents either.

VCG requests ship, cargo owners or athourized representatives of MT Pacific Ocean and the unknown ship to provide VCG with documents/paper regarding the legimacy of the ship and cargo on board (original documents with Consular Legalization). Authorized person/ organization must also provide original paper of authorization (with Consular Legalization).

After thirty (30) days of this announcement, if there is no reponse from ship/cargo owners or authorized representatives, the VCG will carry out its procedures according to Vietnamese Law.

VCG Point of Contact is Mr Nguyen Trinh Hung. Tel no: +84973838459. Address: km6 Thang Long Boulervard, Tay Mo Ward, Nam Tu Liem District, Hanoi.

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